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My bespoke watercolours are a joy to create. I paint soulful and authentic portraits of precious faces and places, to create investment pieces of art to treasure for life.

Some of the artwork I create:

  • Pet Portraits

  • People Portraits

  • Home Portraits

  • Wedding Stationery

  • Event Stationery 

  • Bespoke Maps

Sizes & Pricing

Mini Portraits A5 / 5 x 8"
Portraits A4 / 8 x 12"
Portraits A3 / 12 x 17"
1 Subject
2 Subjects
3 Subjects
4 Subjects

For other sizes or for more than four subjects please get in touch for a no obligation quote.
For International orders that include shipping please head over to my Etsy shop

How it works 


Get in touch with me with your portrait or watercolour painting requirements, I will need to know how many subjects if it's a portrait or take a full project brief it's a stationery project. I am usually booked up around 3 weeks in advance, but lead time can exceed 2-3 months around peak times in the lead up to Christmas. Please book early, you can secure your booking with just a 20% deposit. If you require your artwork for a specific date please get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate it. Portraits make really timeless and thoughtful gifts, but this can be tricky if you don't have access to their photographs. Gift cards are perfect in this instance and can be purchased on request. Please check you agree to my terms and conditions for portrait use.


For portraits please send me a clear and focussed, favourite photograph for reference. Please send it digitally via email, direct message or WhatsApp so that I can zoom right in and capture all details in my painting. The higher quality the reference photograph, the more accurate I am able to get their features in their portrait painting! Photographs taken in natural light provide the best painted result, this enables me to accurately understand colour and identifying features. Up to three other photos are useful for general reference of colour, features and character, so that I can cross-reference and make sure I have captured all details accurately. 


If you already have a photograph in mind, send it for me to review and I will let you know if it’s suitable as a reference. If it's under sad circumstances where a pet has passed away and you are unable to get any further photos, then I can usually cross reference across photographs to find details which are otherwise a bit fuzzy.


I will request the remaining balance payment to commence painting. When payment is received I lightly sketch the outlines and use traditional watercolour techniques to build layers of paint to bring your portrait to life on paper. If it’s more than one subject, I mock up a digital composition with your photographs in Photoshop and send you a digital PDF composition proof so that we can check and approve layout before beginning any sketching on paper or hand painting. 


Painting a portrait can take from one-two days for a small portrait, to over a week for multiple subject large portraits.  Throughout the process, I keep in touch with you and send a progress photograph. When I feel I am finished I send another photograph of the painting for you to check for any small tweaks you would like me to make.*


Once approved by you, it is signed, carefully packaged with a care leaflet and posted to you in a postal box via signed delivery. A3 portraits are £5 P&P, A4 and A5 portraits are £4.50. Clients are also welcome to collect in person from Stoney Stanton, which is South Leicestershire.

*extensive changes are chargeable at £30 per hour.

Order your watercolour painting

Select your painting specifications:


Once your order is received Sarah will be in touch to discuss in more detail and with payment details for the deposit. 


See how I bring Boris's Portrait together...

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