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Infographics, Advertising & Corporate Literature 

Wellgrove is an Australian health and wellbeing company, producing and selling the purest olive products on earth with groves and mills across Australia and California, visit to find out more. 


I had the pleasure of working with Wellgrove on a series of advertising campaigns, infographics and corporate literature. Below you will find a few examples of advertising for print, a series of adverts over various advert sizes, maintaining a clear brand and message to promote their Immunity boosting products and their heart health challenge. 


The brief was to create an infographic to demonstrate how Wellgrove nurtures its olive trees, covering the 5 stages of care they provide to obtain optimum results with their olive trees. Adhering to their brand guidelines, I created a series of layers for each stage of the process and created illustrations to truly reflect their unique approach. 

How we nurture our olive trees infographic [F].png
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